Wednesday, January 03, 2007

DIA fires Jim Shepard. So much for Loyalty!

The DIA has fired Jim Shepard, who has been the PA announcer at Memorial Stadium and Assembly Hall for over 20 years. It wasn't his decision. Darn shame. His corny "First & 10 for the Illini" made us laugh during the dark days (still ongoing) at Memorial Stadium. Who can forget his "Dee for 3!!!!!" on the PA at Assembly Hall? Nice guy, he will be missed, although he will still do football in 2007 and then be out.

Once again, the DIA treats a long-standing member of the Fighting Illini family like garbage. Heck, the DIA forced out Jim Turpin a few years ago.


Anonymous Harvey Wittenberg's Voice said...

Your plea would be much more sincere if you spelled his name right. Nonetheless, this is the first right decision RG has made in quite some time. That "1st and 10 for the Illini!" stuff was like nails-on-a-blackboard.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally disagree. I grew up going to games and and, along with a friend, couldn't wait to join Jim in shouting "1st and 10 for the Illini."
I continued to do so, along with A LOT of other students, when I was a student and Kurt Kitner was moving the chains often.
While there has been little to get excited about over the past few FB season, Jim was always a positive when it came to Illini football.

10:33 AM  

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