Thursday, January 11, 2007

Where is the Media Outrage? Part 2

You would think the local Champaign-Urbana media would be all over Coach Guenther's disastrous reign as Illinois Athletic Director. Think again! Loren Tate thinks Ron Guenther is one of the best athletic directors around. Of course, Loren thinks all freshmen should redshirt and that Illinois can't possibly compete with "real" athletic programs like Michigan or Ohio State. What a joke!
Problem is that no other local sportswriter has as much clout as Loren. The local media knows that Illini sports is their ticket to a bigger job, or, if they want to stay in Champaign a long time, they need to be postive towards Illinois for job security. Heck, any local sportswriter who dares to write a critical story on the Fighting Illini will probably be demoted to covering junior varsity girls cross-country races between Arcola and Monticello.

Also, get well wishes to Jim Turpin, who apparently fell ill during the iowa game last night. Another guy who got thrown under the bus by Ron Guenther. See Sheppard, Jim.


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