Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Does Ron Guenther Read My Blog?

So yesterday I complained about our Hall of Fame Coach..today...SHE GAWN!!!! I expect Ron to hire on the cheap, maybe he'll shock me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FRG, saw Bill's usual BS from Tupper's blog, remind him about this point from the Trib Sports on the 17th:

Derril Kipp, the longtime Maine West coach who has known Grentz for years, said, "She's done a great job for Illinois. Fundraising for them and making that program solvent."

And then he added this telling statement: Asked about her ability to recruit the Illinois' best players, Kipp said, "The last one she got was Angelina Williams."

That was so yesterday. Williams graduated from high school (Chicago Washington) in 2001. The 2006-07 roster of 13 players included only two from the Illinois -- Lacey Simpson of Zion-Benton and Rebecca Harris of Mascoutah.

Not one top in-state recruit since 01???? Pathetic!!!!!

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

any truth to the rumor he announced his retirement today to his senior staff

12:11 PM  

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