Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Code of Conduct Needed for UI Athletes?

As we all sadly know, several UI athletes have been in trouble with the law recently. Rich McBride just got whacked by a Champaign County judge for a DUI. Jamar Smith faces felony charges from an alleged drunk-driving incident where his teammate Brian Carlwell suffered a concussion. Former football players Jody Ellis & Derrick McPhearson are in court this Friday facing allegations of burglary.

Wisconsin recently implemented a code of conduct for its student-athletes. As soon as a student-athlete is charged or arrested, the player is suspended from the team and a factual inquiry takes place to determine the proper disciplinary measure.

This is needed in Champaign. Such a policy would require forward thinking, a commodity sorely lacking in the DIA. But hey, Loren Tate says this is a good time to be a fan of the Fighting Illini!!


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