Sunday, April 22, 2007

Former Player Hammers Grentz

Does Ron Guenther pay attention to what is happening in UI sports? Was he so blind to Grentz's failures because he hired her and he almost never fires someone he hires unless things hit rock bottom? (Like Ron Turner in football?)

“It was not a good time for me, it was the worst four years of my life,”
former Maine West star Dawn Vana said of her career at Illinois.
She played for Grentz from 1999-2002 and is now an assistant girls basketball coach at Maine West.

“I should have never gone to that school, and all I have to say
about (Grentz leaving Illinois) is that it’s about time,” Vana said. “If I don’t
ever talk to her the rest of my life, then thank God.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She should have never gone there or she just should have transferred. If she didn't like it there so much, then she should have left. Plain and simple...not everyone can play for Grentz. I don't understand all the bashing now...let her resign in peace and move on.

5:33 PM  

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