Sunday, August 30, 2009

Would the DIA screw up a 2 car funeral?

Leave it to the DIA to muck up what should be a fun event. The Daily Illini reports that someone from the marketing department shut the door to Gate 24 so fans could not enter the stadium for fan appreciation day.

I'll wait for the usual merrymen and Guenther apologists to spew some crap about the Directors' Cup and non-revenue sports. This is inexcusable.

This quote sums it up best: "Twenty-five years of being a season ticket holder. That many years donating to the I-Fund. We got here at 12:25, they shut the door at 1:25 and we were 20 people away from the front of the line,” said David. β€œIt’s not fair, not right. This is no way to treat people.”


Anonymous Detlef almost won my case said...

"I would like to thank RON GUENTHER and the entire athletic department for giving me the great opportunity to fulfill my dream of leading the Fighting Illini," Mark Johnson said. "I COULDN'T HAVE ASKED FOR A BETTER ATHLETIC DIRECTOR THAN RON. I want to thank him for how he treated my program and me over my 17 years here. I really enjoyed the relationships with my athletes and staff, and I think this program is in great shape for the future."

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Anonymous Detlef's innermost thoughts said...

"University of Illinois Chancellor Richard Herman was quoted in July, 2006 as saying: "If he's not the best AD in the country, I want to know who is." and "He does a wonderful job of bringing in great coaches and building a team that understands what athletics is and needs to be about."

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