Monday, December 21, 2009

Coach Guenther and his Brazil-Sized Ego

Coach Guenther talked to the media (unsurprisingly, no one asked him about why UI has just 6 home games, his lousy record managing the football program, etc.) When asked about his future, Coach Guenther basically told off the UI fans that have supported his crappy football program over the years: "Take it to the boards," Guenther said. "See what the fans say."

Well Ron, here on this board, we say GO AWAY! RON, YOU IDIOT! 81-126-2! 5 bowl games in 19 seasons on the job!


Anonymous Kevin said...

My favorite Guentherisms:

"The only thing that affects the fan base are wins and losses . . . That's out of our hands."

"Winning football games is a hard business."

Christ almighty it's like this guy was bred in a lab to be the worst football AD in NCAA history.

10:05 PM  

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