Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Herb Gould Asks The Tough Questions!

Our pal Herb Gould of the Chicago Sun-Times (and thus, not an East Central Illinois Media Elite Zealot, or ECIMEZ for short) says what the overwhelming majority of Illini Nation is thinking in his column on Illinois football:

What if Illinois is sitting here next year with another south-of-the-border
record? It's nice to talk about not caving to public opinion. But
there's also a hint of arrogance in there, an attitude that's sure to be noticed
by the people that buy-or don't buy-tickets.

Illinois again will have a schedule filled with peril-eight bowl
teams plus Southern Illinois, which finished #1 in the final FCS
rankings. (6 home games!) A lot of teams schedule for who
they are, not whom they want to be.


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