Saturday, March 20, 2010

Celebrate Mediocrity at Assembly Hall on Monday!

Ladies play in the Women's NIT at 4pm, then stay for the men's NIT game at 7pm! It's a new marketing slogan for the DIA! "EMBRACE MEDIOCRITY!"

Is it true that Cirque du Soleil will be the halftime entertainment now that Chief Illiniwek is dead?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


What are your thought on Houston AD Mack Rhoades?

Rhoades is only 43 and in in his first year at UH after coming from Toledo. At Toledo he made numerous facility improvements and made significant progress academically within the athletic teams. Two things the Guenther acolytes preach over and over.

He also doesn't embrace mediocrity. Tom Penders had a winning season in each of his six years at Houston, this after taking over a program that had one in the previous 8 season. While that would have secured Penders a lifetime contract with a big raise from Guenther, Rhoades realized that this was as far as Penders could take the program and gave him the option of taking a different position in the department or he was going to be fired.

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