Monday, March 15, 2010

Let's Compare Lou Henson's Last 4 Seasons to BAMM's

BAMM=Bruce All Mid-Major. Coach Guenther nudged Lou Henson in 1996 because he thought the program had gotten stale. But what about now, brown cow?

Lou Henson's last four seasons: NCAA 2nd round, NCAA 1st round, NCAA 1st round, NIT.

BAMM's last four seasons: NCAA 1st round, LOSING SEASON, NCAA 1st round, NIT.

So if Coach Guenther is going to be "consistently consistent" in how he treats head coaches, he needs to sack BAMM. Oh wait, he hired BAMM! He didn't hire Lou Henson! We all know how "loyal" Coach Guenther is to coaches he hired! Look how long Ron Turner kept his job? Heck, why is Ron Zook still here?

God bless Lou Henson. A competent coach and not a mid major dope in over his head.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FRG, you are right one the money on this post. Guenther pushed Lou out the door, but stayed with Turner, Zook and Grentz way too long. How Ron Zook can possibly have a job baffles me to no end!! I personally think BW should get one more year with the quality recruits he has lined up, BUT needs to show some significant improvement. Only because his recruiting appears to be on the upswing. For the first 4-5 years, it was brutal.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good, accurate and fair post, FRG. Guenther has shown unbelievable tolerance to his own hires. Turner--way too long and was a terrible hire. Grentz--way too long and a terrible hire. Zook--should be eunemployed right now and another terrible hire. Very much overmatched. Weber--good coach--poor recruiting but appears to be headed in the right direction, but guys have been fired with better records. After all, it was the same Lou Henson that RG fired who put Illinois basketball on the map. We were nothing before Lou unles you go back to the late forties, early fifties. Thank you, Ron Guenther, you are truly a genius!!

3:52 PM  

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