Wednesday, December 05, 2007

How ADs Should Evaluate Head Coaches

Excellent article from a blog I like, discussing why ADs are reluctant to fire coaches they hire. Sort of like the best AD in the country refusing to fire the guy he hired, offensive guru Ron Turner.

Good ADs are constantly evaluating their athletic coaches to see if they
are meeting the expectations and goals that are set for each athletic
team. Great ADs are constantly evaluating their athletic coaches relative
to expectations and goals, but they are also stretching their coaches and teams
to reach for goals that might seemingly be beyond their reach.

Far too often an AD, especially when he has hired the football coach, is not able to objectively evaluate the head coach because firing him would raises questions about the hiring in the first place. Smart ADs do not fall into this trap and make it very clear to a new head football hire and to the local media that the football coach will be evaluated on his performance, not on whether the AD hired the person or not.


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