Sunday, November 09, 2008

Result of Guenther's Folly: RON, YOU IDIOT!!!

Well, given the Football Guy's ineptitude (5 bowl games in 16 years, an overall football record hovering around .400) it shouldn't be a surprise that Illinois lost to a freaking MAC freaking Detroit yesterday. I was one of the morans who attended the game, a whopping 12,000 in attendance! This game was a no-win from the start: even if Illinois won, it's a MAC team who a Big 10 team should always beat. If Illinois loses, it's even worse. Now, Illinois has to win both vs. Ohio State and @Northwestern to be guaranteed a bowl game. Winning 6 games make you bowl-eligible but doesn't guarantee that you are going to a bowl game.

Meantime, I sure hope Ron Guenther, the best AD in the country (HAAAA!) spends that $300K wisely... you know, the same amount Western Michigan paid Tennessee Tech earlier this year. I wonder if Warren Carter called Ron Guenther an "idiot" when he saw the final score? Also, due to Ron's ace negotiating skills, MAC officials officiated the game. Can anyone explain the defensive holding call on Illinois' pick 6? That changed the game around. Great job Ron!

On the bright side, finally the media are calling out Saint Guenther. First, Herb Gould of the Chicago Sun-Times uses the term "Guenther's Folly." Second, I have called out Eric Loy of WDWS radio a homer in the past. Today, I take that back. Mr. Loy, I congratulate you for calling out the DIA for scheduling this ridiculous game in the first place. Now maybe Loren Tate will notice and criticize Saint Guenther....ah I doubt it.


Blogger kebzach said...

24 hours later it's even more stupid and frustrating than it was yesterday. God, what a small town stupid sort of move this was.

10:31 AM  

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