Thursday, October 09, 2008

Low Attendance Expected for Detroit-SHOCKING!

We've previously discussed the Football Guy's stupidity for scheduling a game vs. Western Michigan in freaking Detroit. Great job Saint Guenther! 6 home games!

Now comes word that the ticket sales are rather, um....slow.

Good seats are available for Illinois-Western Michigan. Gobs of them. And
at a cheaper-than-Big-Ten-game price. On Tuesday night, tickets 30
rows up on the 40-yard line could be bought for $39 each. Tickets eight rows up
on the 15-yard line could be had for $29 each. And $22 tickets will get you in
the end zone seats in the lower level.

Ford Field holds 65,000 for football. Western Michigan is hoping for
half that. "We're probably projecting between 20-30,000," Western Michigan
ticket manager Don Beyer said.

So Illinois is going to play a trap game the week before the huge game vs. Ohio State in freaking Detroit, in an empty stadium. Hey Ron, with your ace negotiating skills, is the game also going to use MAC officials?

I wonder if this game in Detroit will outdraw the attendance for this outdoor basketball practice after the football game on Saturday. It probably will, given how far men's basketball has fallen with our dopey mid-major head coach who can't recruit.


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