Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So Who Still Thinks Illinois Deserved a NCAA Bid?

What a pathetic home no less! Remember when Assembly Hall was one of the toughest places for a team to get a road win? Not anymore, under our mid-major head coach! Illinois lost 4 of its last 5 home games this season!

Our mid-major head coach has too many soft players and non-contributors on the roster. Unlike the NBA, he can't blame the general manager! He recruited these players, and, well, let's not go over how many good high school players he failed to get from Illinois.

This game perfectly summarized the basketball season. Poor offense, bad defense, allowing too many offensive rebounds, complete inability to get to the free throw line (ESPN showed a stat that Illinois is like #320 in free throws attempted) and players and coaches whining about calls, hence the photo. This motion offense isn't designed to get players to make cuts, it's all about jump shots. Terrible.

Thankfully, this turd of a season is over. A total failure. There was no excuse to not make the NCAA this season. Illinois has now failed to make the NCAA three of the past four seasons. That is totally inexcusable and totally the fault of Bruce All Mid-Major.
Will our ace athletic director give Weber another contract extension and pay raise? Hey, spring football practice starts soon! Is that a good thing?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weber is over his head....all you have o do is look at him during the game....every little thing is exagerated...he will never leads us to the promised land....the bad news is he won;t be fired for another 3 seasons....I hope I'm wrong, but today is a sad day in Illini BBall sports... and football with zokkie won;t give us much to celebrate either....

for gods sake can we go out there and look for some decent coaches...someone who was not riding the pine for 20 years

8:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know how we can fix this. It is a complete mess. I have a sinister thought about making overtures to believe it or NOT, Bobby Knight, might get us OUT of this morose. Yes, I said Bobby Knight. What have we got to lose. He could turn around the program IN A SHORT TIME. Long term, I do not know. This period is as low as I've ever seen Illinois athletics, short of maybe the slush-fund stuff

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Giovanni Grentz said...

Imagine that!! Bruce Del Negro out coached AGAIN in a post season game! Wake me up when this Clown Show is over.....(ie. Weber and his whiney-arse are GAWN!)

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think bruce weber is probably a great person.That said I dont think he is capable of coaching big 10 level players.Here are my biggest problems with what i see on the court.First off when you have a guy that is 7ft tall it sounds kind of foolish to have him playing most of your offensive possesions 18 ft away from the basket.Secondly when playing against a team that has 10 losses if 7 of their losses came from teams playing mostly a zone defense and 3 came from teams playing all man to man FOR GOD SAKE FIGURE IT OUT

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Double R said...

Couldn't agree more with every single thing you said. This is a god dam* train wreck already. Can't wait for football it's right around the corner!

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Post game Weber quote: "I can tell the team on film what they are going to do, but you can't simulate that."

So, BAMM has taken a program with Final 4 talent and turned it into a program that can't simulate the athleticism of Dayton, not UNC or UK, Dayton.

That may be the most depressing quote ever spoken.

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Five fingers are more powerful when they become a fist.

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weber is extremely fortunate to still have a job. With what look like some good recruits to add to a promising freshman group, perhaps he will turn it. That being said, however--Ron Guenther should not be absolved from the mess that is Illinois football, and both basketball programs. I think a case can be made for Weber still having a job. BUT there is not one cogent argument that can be made in support of Zook or the clown that hired him. Ron Guenther has presided over the worst 20 yr stretch in Illinois football history. It is time for him to be retired!!!!

8:42 AM  

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