Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Search for New UI President In High Gear

Hopefully the trustees are asking prospective candidates about their thoughts on the importance of winning sports teams...and whether a guy whose football program is 81-126-2 under his watch should keep his job as athletic director!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets make it perfectly clear what the new President should do with Coach Guenther, the self-proclaimed "football guy."

Football--a complete disaster. He extends Zook to infinity and we cant afford to buy him out, so we are stuck with him but fire the assistants. Schultz got the rawest deal ever!! Forced to run Locksley's offense--gets it going to where we are averaging 30+ ppg and then gets fired.

Women's Basketball. Another disaster. Keeps Grentz--who had the personality of a grapefruit about 5 yrs too long after she alienates everyone in the state.

Men's Basketball. Fires Lou Henson in 96 after 4 decent seasons. Ignores the great success of the 80's. Keeps Weber after 4 seasons not as good as Lou's with no NCAA wins.

It is a complete travesty this man has a job and I will not give another penny to the DIA until this man is gone. Retire him now before he gives Zook another extension!!

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