Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another Ticket Snafu for a Bowl Game?

My previous posts rehashed the debacle that was the DIA handing out tickets for the 2002 Sugar Bowl. Go read them.

Then, when you are done, ask yourself if the DIA learned anything in the 5 long dark years since Illinois went to a bowl game. There is a lot of complaining going on over at the illiniboard. Specifically, the rumor is that the DIA may have sold tickets during its general sale on Tuesday that were better seats than what some I Fund donors got.

One guy in Chief Club said he is in Tunnel 15, row 73 which is in the end zone. He's been in Chief Club the past few years. This is a higher level than the Brave Club. A guy in the Brave Club the past couple of years is in Tunnel 7, Row 64 which is on the 10 yard line. Something is odd here.


Anonymous LCIS said...

DIA had to move people around to make an extra row available for the football guy's entourage. They thought it would be better to keep him away from press row when he calls one of our players an idiot. Plus...the football guy wants said player to hear his displeasure whenever that happens.

11:09 AM  

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